[ROOT ANDROID][2.x-5.0] KINGROOT: The One-Click Root Tool for Almost All Devices

KingRoot 4.1 has been released, support Samsung Galaxy S6,S5(4G), Note3(4G), SONY Z3, Samsung X64, SONY 5.0, just try it, mate!

We just release new KingRoot. This one will support SAMSUNG S6, S5(4G), Note3(4G), Lenove K3-Note, Gionee S7. What is more, we can close Sony_RIC perfectly now, you don't need re-root after reboot anymore~ Thank you very much~

If you still can not remove KingUser, please try to force stop KingUser, clear data of it and root with KingRoot again. Then try to unroot

  1. Root has risk and may be voids your warranty.
  2. We have two versions, one is mobile version( app) for one-click root, another is desktop version for root some special device which can not be rooted by mobile one. Attention please that the desktop version may be flash third party Recovery into your device.
  3. Please check information in "DETAILS and RMARKS" section carefully before you decide to root your device by KingRoot.

MD5 Hash: 15b0641e492fdb04c62ac07177d9cd56

MD5 Hash: 3cdc5a8f9c6eb80a41b06e5ec0854cfc


Support Android Version: 2.2 , 2.3 , 4.0, 4.3, 4.4, 5.0



#SU Binary
Generally, Su Binary will be installed in System/xbin to ensure that you can keep root access permanently

Just like SuperSu, KingUser will be installed in your System/app(default) or Date/app to manage your root access. What's more, Kinguser also provide some other functions, you can use them to remove apps(system) and disable autostart items >>>Download KingUser<<<

This app also produced by us and has ability to purify your system. KingMaster can make apps hibernation automatically which you have exited but still running in background. What's more, she also can archive notifications for you. just like your housekeeper. Kingmaster will be downloaded and installed in your Data/app

#Desktop KingRoot(optional)
KingRoot desktop version used to deal device which can not be rooted by KingRoot app. You can download it according to tutorial in KingRoot app. Desktop version is an expert in SAMSUNG root field, if your SAMSUNG device can't root, just try it >>>Download Desktop Version<<<

1. KingMaster and Desktop KR still have no English UI, we will release English version as soon as possible.
2. Desktop KR may be flash third party Recovery into your device, if you want to keep in stock, please don't use it.
3. If you don't like idea of KingMaster, you can remove it without any problem.
4. Root access will lose if you remove KingUser, re-install KingUser can get root back if you lose it. >>>Download KingUser<<<
5. Install SuperSu to replace KingUser may be cause some unknown error, although you do can do this.

1. For KingRoot app: just download, then install it into you device. Run it , done! KingRoot will do every other thing for you.
2. For KingRoot Desktop version: download it from official website into your computer, then connect your device to computer. After connect successful , just click "开始root" (start root). Done! Waiting for root.